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It’s time to re-emerge, spring is here!

Our client’s attention will now turn to the outdoors and they will really start to assess their needs for when the warmer weather comes.

With our sub tropical stalwarts’ we will start to increase our numbers, with plentiful stock of Strelitzia’s, mainly the superior variety, Strelitzia parvifolia. This great plant stays true to its form, whilst still delivering the classic ‘bird of paradise’ flower. These look great complimented with Senecio’s, Philodendron’s, Agaves (Balinese) & Aloe’s and for the shadier parts of the garden, Clivia’s,  Aspidistra’s & Asplenium’s.

For the traditionalists there are many lines that will cross between themes, it all depends on the placement. Buxus sempervirens is still the best choice for the formal hedge, with its easy cultivation and forgiving nature for topiary. However Rhaphiolepsisspp are giving them a run for their money, with their compact habits and tight foliage, it freely flowers and offers that something different.

The list is too great to mention, the planting choices and combinations are truly endless, so please come down or jump on line to see what else we have to offer, I assure you will not be disappointed.

Happy Planting.