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Best easy-to-grow plants for spring

Let’s face it, plants can be sensitive.

Whilst spring is a prime time for planting; cultivating the right plants for each season is crucial to ensure they grow as healthily and happily as possible, in a climate that’s fit for them.

So, make this a season to remember with our favourite, easy-to-grow plants, designed to flourish in spring and cope in the warmer weather ahead.

Plants for spring

Our specialists recommend three top of the range varieties this season:

●        Ficus Hilli

Known for its fast growing, evergreen properties, the Ficus Hilli tree is the king of privacy screening. Its thick foliage and suitability for hedging wil create a sense of total seclusion and keep your garden feeling like your own this spring.

Our top tip: Ficus Hilli is low maintenance and copes marvelously in full sun or part shade.

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●        Gardenia Florida

Native to Eastern Asia, this evergreen shrub is graced with beautiful, milky white flowers, and glossy deep green oval leaves. Plant Gardenia near your seating or entertaining area and enjoy the delightful aroma that pervades its surrounding.

Our top tip: Gardenias like a slightly acidic, cool, moist, well-drained soil. They require some shade, particularly as we move into summer. 

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●        Waterhousea Floribunda

A rainforest tree native to eastern Australia, Waterhousea Floribunda has beautiful sweeping foliage that lends itself to screening for walkways and fence lines. This plant produces small but powerful perfumed white flowers during summer, and becomes richly evergreen shades of green, yellow and red as it matures (the gift that keeps on giving).

Our top tip:  It’s best grown in moist conditions, protected from wind. If not pruned, this foliage can extend to the base of the tree, and if clipped, can become very dense.

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