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5 Best Summer blooms for instant colour



Gardenias are a garden staple, with big showy white flowers and glossy leaves. It is a hardy plant that produces a strong scent that adds atmosphere to any summer garden. Our favourite, Gardenia 'Florida' is in stock almost all year round, a great value plant that will transform any garden into a fragrant paradise.





Rhaphiolepis is a stunning medium shrub that will survive just about anywhere. Tiny white flowers cover this plant with small, dark, glossy leaves, tolerant to drought and frost. It is a mainstay in any classic garden or landscaper’s repertoire.



Star Jasmine


Flowering in late spring to early summer, Chinese Star Jasmine (Tracelospermum jasminoides) is one of the prettiest and most perfumed easy-care plants out there. You can train it to climb or cover, and provided it gets minimum water, you will get whole munches of beautiful tiny white flowers. This little hardy plant can deal with all of Melbourne's weather and still look its best.





Another classic, Hydrangeas are spectacular flower displays with truly unique colour combinations. Adorable bunches of flowers in one umbelous bunch in stunning blues to deep purples and light pinks. You can also get bicoloured varieties that almost look plastic their beauty is so unbelievable. They are probably one of the easiest, most beautiful flowers out there.






Agapanthus are one of those flowers you've probably seen in every classic garden. They're tough, versatile and gorgeous. You can get them in deep violets, pink and whites all the way to a bright unique white colour. They're truly an Australian garden classic that will never go out of use or style.