Botaniq Lab

Green plants fill up the nursey but the BotanIQ Lab’s epicentre is the decoration room where plants are styled according to Nordic tradition and current trends.

Green living

Green Living is our new Spring collection inspired by outdoor greenery. Agave green and grey pots look extra stylish when combined with burgundy red and mauve. Mix and match pots with accessories in little tableaus and luxury instantly takes over your home.

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Earth connection

Earth Connection is inspired by nature and is a tribute to the Scandinavian design tradition. It is simple, elegant and timeless. Indoor plants play an important role in interior design. They can change the ambience and feel of a space.

As well as looking stylish, green plants are also important to your indoor habitat. They are a good air cleaner that removes harmful substances from the environment. Our variety of green plants is expanded with the new Hoya Australis. The plant has an exotic look and with its natural simplicity, it will bring a stylish and refreshing look into your home.

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